biopicCommunity leader, trusted financial advisor, husband, father and life-long Norfolk resident, Jim McDonnell has the experience to become our next City Treasurer and the knowledge to help assure that our tax dollars are accounted for.

A graduate of Maury High School, Jim McDonnell went on to attend Old Dominion University where he earned a B.S. in Business Administration, played on the Men’s varsity Tennis Team in 1984 and was a member of the ODU Honor Council while serving at its Chairman in 1987.

Jim McDonnell is currently the President of the Talbot Park Civic League, is serving as a Director of the Norfolk Economic Development Authority and is a current Board member of the Norfolk Criminal Justice Board.

Jim McDonnell has also served our community by his membership on the Norfolk City Manager’s Budget Advisory Committee, currently serves as the Maury High School Girl’s Tennis Head Coach where he is leading this group of young athletes to a winning season.

Mr. McDonnell has also served as a member of the Mayor’s Task Force for Wards Corner, he is a founding member of Wards Corner Now, he is an Honorary Norfolk City Deputy Sheriff, served as a board member of the Norfolk Community Development Block Grant Commission, he has served as a Norfolk Juror Commissioner as well as serving as Vice-Chairman for the Blessed Sacrament’s Parish Council (2007-2010) and the 11th grade Confirmation Teacher for Blessed Sacrament (2001-2009)